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The Inbound Marketing Experts (IME) blog "We're at the edge of the future" provides information on all elements of inbound internet marketing including content creation, blogging, social media, search engine optimization (SEO), landing pages, lead generation, lead nurturing and web analytics, and is meant to help businesses with their inbound marketing plans and implementation.

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How To Create A Powerful Landing Page For Visitor Lead Generation


the best lead generation websites make offers you can%27t refuse

Have you been hearing stories about how some websites are getting 'tons' of leads? Is your company website a lead generation machine? If not, why not? When we hear of companies that are frustrated with a lack of lead production and do some further investigation, what we typically find is that they're relying on the 'Contact Us' page for their leads and in today's internet world, this just isn't enough. Why? Simply put, your visitors don't have the attention span to take the time to get to the Contact Us page! Believe it or not, it's true. Often, this lack of lead generation results in companies thinking that the internet doesn't work for their business. Truly, we have yet to find a business where this is the case, but the best lead generation websites use offers, calls to action and great landing pages to achieve their lead generation goals as part of an overall inbound marketing program. In this post we're going to look at the elements of creating a landing page that will help your company website become not just good, but one of the best lead generation websites.

the best lead generation websites have several things in common

  1. Offers that are relevant to the website visitor

  2. The offers are located on website pages of particular relevance

  3. Clear calls to action (CTAs)

  4. Effective landing pages behind the initial CTA

  5. Many offers

  6. Web analytics programs that allow for continuous evaluation

More calls to action and landing pages generate exponential internet lead generation

the best lead generation websites have many landing pages and offers


















If your company is genuinely interested in developing the company website into one of the best lead generation websites, there is some work ahead. It's not difficult or complex, but it does take time, however, as we've said here on more than one occasion, the investment you make on your inbound marketing plan differs from conventional marketing approaches in many ways, but perhaps the most powerful is that what your company does today will continue to pay for itself long into the future. As you well know, when you spend money in other conventional marketing approaches such as print, radio, TV, tradeshow etc. when the money stops, so to does the campaign and the results. Not so with inbound marketing. There is one example we know of specifically that was created in 2008 and still continues to this day as a top lead generator for the further investment! How many of those would your company like to have working for its business growth? The reality is that by consistently adding new campaigns your company can become, like others, one of the best lead generation websites, a valuable asset, and integral part of your company's marketing efforts contributing consistent and predictable results.


Great landing pages include many key elements


Key elements of a great landing page

A- Links- Keep them to a minimum so that the visitor is not tempted to go somewhere else.


B- Main Headline- The message needs to be in line with what brought them to this page and relevant to what is offered.


C- Sub-headline- Remember, your headlines must re-inforce the message that brought the visitor to this page in the first place otherwise they abandon the process.


D- Images/Videos- The best landing pages have an image or video that again re-inforces the messaging on the value of the offer and the accompanying text.


E- Text- Be as concise as possible and grammatically perfect otherwise you can lose trust.


F- Bullets- A few bullets that describe what they will get from their action that adds to the value.


G- Call To Action (CTA)- This must be strong! 'Submit' or 'Click Here' alone don't work, tell your visitor what you want them to do!


H- Button- The button and call to action can be combined into one but it needs to be bold and stand out with a bright contrasting color. A good practice is to use the squint test. Squint at the page, do the CTA and button stand out?


I- Testimonial- This is a great addition if you have it available. 3rd party endorsement is powerful.


J- Additional Information- This is not a necessity. If you do this be certain that the add-on text has additional value, remember, don't distract your visitor!


K- Above The Fold- Make sure the landing page is above the fold, if the visitor has to scroll down there is a higher chance of abandonment.


One further addition is the form needed to access the offer. This wasn't included here because we wanted to focus on the landing page itself, but similarly the form you have for your visitor to fill out has special considerations and we'll be covering that in an upcoming post. Stay tuned!

As a final note on landing page development, let's discuss testing. Any company that really strives to be among the best lead generation websites will need to be testing different landing pages and how they perform. A great site to learn from is Anne Holland's Which Test Won? Of course, there needs to be statistically relevant numbers for this to be of value to your company, testing over 10 conversions will not give you any information that you can really use. However, over time, with many landing pages and offers, and as site traffic increases and more and more leads are generated, this will become an important part of your landing page development initiative. Think about it, if tweaking a certain element within the page boosted conversion rates by 10%, over the course of hundreds and thousands of views that becomes a very significant number. The fact is that companies that are regularly testing AB versions of landing pages often find small tweaks that can improve conversion rates dramatically, sometimes in the 100's of percent...that's significant!

We're at the edge of the future!


Ok, we made you into a bit of an expert but would you like a second opinion? Contact us!



Good Post Andy. Another killer resource for you is Anatomy of Landing Page  
Posted @ Thursday, April 19, 2012 9:54 AM by Nigel Kay
Thanks for the props Nigel!
Posted @ Thursday, April 19, 2012 9:34 PM by Andy Xhignesse
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