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The Inbound Marketing Experts (IME) blog "We're at the edge of the future" provides information on all elements of inbound internet marketing including content creation, blogging, social media, search engine optimization (SEO), landing pages, lead generation, lead nurturing and web analytics, and is meant to help businesses with their inbound marketing plans and implementation.

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How Does Website Content Development Affect Traffic Growth?


inbound marketing experts help gain website trafficMany companies that we speak with these days either fully realize that website content needs to be refreshed or added to regularly, or those that don't have a full understanding are at least somewhat aware of this least if they want to gain website traffic. You may have heard it before but here it is again, content is King! This post is about just exactly why this statement is true. Our last post was about creating a website content development strategy, sort of a 'how to' guide, and as a follow up this post will explain why this is so important for your company, and offer some real life examples of the kind of success you can expect from a well managed content development initiative. We are always trying to provide you with value in our posts in the IME blog, if just one more person 'gets it' today it'll have been a success.

Point #1- The Internet is a Library

It's a huge library! Every second of every day we are adding new pieces of information to that library and the search engines are making sure that they sort through and organize all the new information...every second of every day. Just like any library, if the 'book' you want isn't there, you can't take it out. Is the book about your business at the internet library?

Point #2- Visitors to the Internet Library Don't Always Want the Whole Book!

The fact is that most of the time when web surfers go looking for information, sometimes they're looking for a 'chapter' or more often, they're only looking for some specific information within that chapter. The great news is that because of the way the search engines index information, if your company is intelligent about your website content development, you can make certain that your company's book, chapters and specific information can all be readily available to those 'internet library patrons'. Here's the your company being smart about your content development?

Point #3- The More 'Books' Your Company Has as at The Internet Library The Better

One way to wrap your head around this is to think of your company as a publisher where the more books you've published the more likely it is that someone will 'take out' or 'borrow' one of your books. If there are a million books in a library, and as a publisher you've only got one book at that library then chances of your book being 'borrowed' are literally one in a million. Want to double your chances of being 'taken out' of the library? Add another 'book'. Triple your chances by adding yet another 'book' etc.

Point #4- A 'Book' at the Internet Library Can be Just a Page of Information

Remember that search engines index each bit of new information, it could be photos, a video or audio clip, or a business blog post just like the one you're reading now. As the 'publisher' you get to decide what sort of information you'll create and publish for your target audience.

Point #5- Why Does Being an Internet Publisher Help Your Company Gain Website Traffic?

It doesn't just help you gain website traffic, it helps you gain the best kind, organic website traffic. When a content development strategy is well thought out and executed, each new bit of information that you create is optimized and targeted to your audience especially if you understand the implications of positioning your information for your company's marketing persona. Each time you add new information, you add a new opportunity to 'get found' at the internet library.

Does it really work? Below are three real life examples of clients that IME has been working with. These are small companies with very targeted audiences and yet we continue to see growth month over month in organic search traffic. Yes it really works!

inbound marketing experts gain website traffic

 inbound marketing experts and PSC organic growth

inbound marketing experts helps HCMW gain website trafficinbound marketing experts help

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Andy - I love your metaphor for the Internet! So much, in fact, that I played with it a little myself:  
Posted @ Tuesday, February 08, 2011 9:21 PM by Stephanie McLaughlin
Hey Stephanie, thanks for the support, hope you'll share it around, we try to give!
Posted @ Wednesday, February 09, 2011 6:47 AM by Andy Xhignesse
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